About Us

              Greetings! We are Dave & Carol Garner! We live way out in the country in east Texas. We have a home out in what they call, The Piney Woods. We are ministers of the Gospel and are a part of a small church family in Ratcliff, Texas. I personally have been in the ministry since 1985. In my younger years, I was a traveling evangelist and loved every minute of it, but now I have settled down and am living the country life! I felt a change taking place for us and our ministry and we turned our focus upon preparing ourselves for the writing and teaching ministry. Carol has been writing and ministering the Word of God for several years and we passionately love studying and sharing the Word of God and working in the ministry, so the Lord opened a door for us to have a church family that we could be a part of, which is the Word with Spirit Ministry in the little bitty town of Ratcliff. I do a Bible study almost every Wednesday night with a small group of people in our area and so now we spend a lot of time studying, writing, and ministering locally. Every once in a while we might take a short trip, but, they are few and far between.


              We have a long front porch and we like to sit outside in the morning and watch the deer, the squirrels, and the birds feed. We so enjoy living in the country! Every once in a while we get a chance to see wild hogs, coyotes, bobcats, or gators. The gators are rare but every once in a while we have a close encounter with one. We like to take long walks around our property on our walking trail and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I have a small woodshop at our home and it is there that I spend my weekdays building rustic country furniture and doing other projects. I so enjoy building things with my hands and working outside in the yard. We are abundantly blessed!

              Carol has two daughters and a son and I have four daughters. Between both of us, we have fourteen grandchildren. To all of our friends, future friends, and family with whom we enjoy fellowship in the word and the breaking of bread, and to all our friends, future friends, and family that enjoy browsing through the pictures of the things we have built, come on in and visit. We don't believe we can ever have too many friends, so come on in and set a spell and we will talk about things.