Front Porch Fellowship


This is our fellowship section. I love hearing from those with whom I share in fellowship. It is a joy hearing their thoughts and insights, and even though some may differ from ours, our hearts are knitted together in our love for one another and for the Word of God and the joy we share as friends, so I have dedicated this section of our website to sharing about our friends and giving them a place to share their thoughts.    

Our Friends

  • Jim Bartley - Jim and his wife Barbara, live in Lake Worth, Florida. I have enjoyed knowing and having fellowship in the Word with Jim for several years now, and I am sure his writings will bless you as they have me.  Just click on his name and it will take you right to his writings.
  • David Evans - David and wife, Linda, live in Newark, Ohio. David has been my friend and brother in the Lord for many years. We have shared in fellowship of the Word and I know he loves seeking out the truth and digging into the deeper mysteries from the Bible. I am sure that his writings will challenge your traditional thinking.