Garner Custom Rustics

Welcome to Garner Custom Rustic's Woodshop

Welcome to our Garner Custom Rustic's woodshop page. Carol and I build custom rustic or country furniture. We are a mom and pop shop.  I do the building and she does the prettying up - painting, staining, and such like. Together we make a team.  Over the past five years, she and I have built a lot of furniture. Someone will send us a picture or draw out something they want me to build and we have tried our best to get it just like they wanted. We do enjoy the challenges and sometimes they can be difficult, but the Lord has blessed us and so I have set up this page to show off our labors. Our display page if you will, just for fun! Categories:
  • Tables, Benches, Chairs
  • End Tables, Side Tables, Coffee Tables
  • Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities
  • Rustic Stuff
  • Yard Swings, Picnic Tables and Benches
  • One of a Kind Specialty
  • Odds and ends